1. Daily Specials: 

Send out daily SMS messages to your subscribers, featuring the special coffee or drink of the day. Include a discount or promotion to encourage customers to visit your store.

 Example: “Good morning! Start your day with a kick! Today’s special is our Caramel Macchiato. Show this message and get 20% off until 11 AM. Reply with quantity to buy (e.g. 1, 2, 3)!”

2. Exclusive Discounts: 

Send exclusive SMS-only discounts and promotions to your subscribers to make them feel special. This can help drive foot traffic during slower periods or attract new customers.

 Example: “Hey there! Get your caffeine fix with our SMS exclusive offer: Buy one espresso, get the second one 50% off! Valid today only. Show this message to redeem.”

3. Seasonal Promotions: 

Tailor your SMS campaigns to match seasonal events or holidays. Offer limited-time seasonal drinks or discounts to create a sense of urgency and excitement.

Example: “Winter is here, and so is our new Spiced Caramel Latte! Warm up with a medium size for the price of a small, only until the end of the week. Come cosy up at Brewville!”

4. Personalized Recommendations: 

Utilize customer preferences and purchase history to send personalized coffee recommendations or suggest complementary products based on their past orders.
 Example: “Hi Sarah! We noticed you’re a fan of our Mocha Frappuccino. How about trying our new Salted Caramel Brownie with it? It’s a match made in coffee heaven! Enjoy 10% off the combo today.”

5. Coffee Education: 

Share interesting coffee facts, brewing tips, or recipes via SMS to engage your customers and enhance their coffee experience. This can help position your store as a trusted source of coffee knowledge.
 Example: “Did you know? The best coffee-to-water ratio for a perfect cup is 1:18. Experiment with your brews and find your ideal balance. Need more tips? Visit our blog at CoffeeLovers.com.”
 Remember to always obtain proper consent from customers before sending them SMS messages and provide an opt-out option in every message to comply with regulations and respect their preferences.