Royalty Soaps, founded by Katie Carson, has grown from a small Etsy store to a thriving online business with a YouTube channel boasting over 880,000 subscribers. Katie’s passion for soap making and her unique approach to crafting intricate soap designs have played a key role in her journey to YouTube stardom. As her channel gained popularity, the impact of YouTube on Royalty Soaps’ success and growth became evident, highlighting the power of this platform for creative entrepreneurs. With a focus on keeping it personal and authentic, Katie has managed to build a loyal community of soap enthusiasts, fueling the success of her business.

The Early Days of Royalty Soaps

Katie Carson discovered her passion for soap making at the age of 17 when she learned how to make cold process soap in a homeschool co-op class. Inspired by the saponification process and the effects of different oils and butters on the skin, she decided to start her own soap-making business, keeping it personal and true to her interests.

Initially, Katie launched Royalty Soaps on Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade products. However, she soon realized the potential for greater control over her business and lower start-up costs by transitioning to Shopify. This move marked the beginning of a new chapter in the growth of Royalty Soaps.

During the early days, Katie faced numerous challenges and learning experiences. She quickly understood the importance of keeping a detailed list of all soap-making purchases and using high-quality ingredients for better results. By overcoming these initial obstacles and staying true to her passion, Katie laid the foundation for the viral success that was yet to come.

The Rise of Royalty Soaps on YouTube

When Katie Carson decided to start a YouTube channel, her initial goal was to connect with other soap makers she had met on Facebook. She wanted to keep it personal and share her passion for soap making with the community. However, her channel soon began to gain traction, and she discovered a strong correlation between the views on her YouTube videos and sales on her Shopify store.

As her channel grew, Katie learned the importance of tapping into trending topics and creating content that performs well with search engines. For example, she made a soap inspired by the Unicorn Frappuccinos from Starbucks, which garnered a lot of attention. By staying current and responsive to popular trends, her YouTube channel continued to grow, significantly impacting the success of her business.

Throughout this journey, Katie has stayed true to her desire to keep it personal, engaging with her audience and sharing her love for soap making. This authenticity has resonated with her viewers and helped build a loyal community that eagerly awaits her new videos. Her approach to creating content and connecting with her audience has played a crucial role in the viral success of Royalty Soaps on YouTube, showcasing the power of this platform for creative entrepreneurs.

The Secret Ingredients for Success

In the world of YouTube, success is often determined by a combination of factors that resonate with the audience. For Royalty Soaps, these secret ingredients have played a crucial role in the channel’s viral success:

Consistency and experimenting with different video formats: By maintaining a consistent posting schedule and experimenting with various video formats, Katie has managed to keep her audience engaged and coming back for more. This approach has not only helped her grow her channel but also allowed her to refine her content and discover what works best for her viewers.

Authenticity and keeping it personal: One of the key factors in Katie’s success has been her authenticity. She has made it a point to keep it personal and connect with her audience on a deeper level. By sharing her passion for soap making and her unique experiences, she has built a loyal community that eagerly awaits her new videos.

Learning from experiences and streamlining the creation process: As with any creative endeavor, learning from experiences and constantly improving is essential. Katie has embraced this mindset by streamlining her soap-making process, refining her techniques, and incorporating new ideas. By continuously evolving and adapting, she has managed to stay ahead of the competition and maintain her edge in the market.

Prioritizing mental health and setting boundaries: With the demands of running a successful YouTube channel and a growing business, it’s essential to prioritize mental health and set boundaries. Katie has managed to strike a balance between her work and personal life, ensuring that she remains grounded and focused on her goals while maintaining her well-being.

In conclusion, Royalty Soaps’ success story is a testament to the power of authenticity, consistency, learning from experiences, and prioritizing mental health. These “secret ingredients” have not only fueled the viral success of Katie’s YouTube channel but also allowed her to create a thriving business and a loyal community of soap enthusiasts.

The Power of a Loyal Community

One of the most significant factors contributing to the success of Royalty Soaps is the loyal community Katie has built around her brand. By keeping it personal and authentic, she has managed to connect with her audience and create a strong bond with her viewers. The power of this community has played a critical role in the growth and success of her business, serving as a driving force behind her YouTube stardom.

Building a community of soap enthusiasts goes beyond merely creating engaging content. It involves understanding the needs and preferences of the audience and using that knowledge to strategize inventory and influence product production. Katie has successfully harnessed the power of her YouTube videos to gain insights into her customers’ preferences, allowing her to tailor her products and offerings to meet their desires.

Furthermore, the importance of customer engagement and support cannot be overstated. As a customer-oriented business, Royalty Soaps has always prioritized providing exceptional customer experiences. With the help of AI technology, businesses like Royalty Soaps can further enhance customer engagement and support, ensuring a seamless and personalized customer journey. This commitment to customer satisfaction has cemented Royalty Soaps’ position as a leader in the industry and contributed to the enduring success of Katie Carson’s YouTube channel.

Expanding the Royalty Soaps Empire

As Royalty Soaps continued to grow, it was essential to expand the team and involve family members in the business. This personal approach allowed Katie to maintain the essence of her brand while ensuring that her growing customer base received the attention it deserved. With her family’s support, Katie’s business flourished, and the team grew from a one-woman show to a full-blown family operation.

One critical aspect of expanding the Royalty Soaps empire has been monetizing the YouTube channel through the YouTube Partner Program and securing brand deals. This additional revenue stream has not only helped to support the business but also allowed Katie to invest in the resources necessary to take her brand to new heights.

Moving to independent online shops was another essential step in expanding the business. By making this transition, Katie gained greater control over her brand and the ability to tailor her online presence to meet her customers’ needs. With a strong focus on keeping it personal and prioritizing customer engagement, Royalty Soaps has experienced significant growth and success, showcasing the power of a customer-oriented approach in the world of online business.

The Role of Quality and Sustainability in Royalty Soaps

Emphasizing the use of high-quality ingredients and sustainable materials has been a crucial factor in the success of Royalty Soaps. As Katie Carson wanted to keep it personal and authentic, she focused on providing her customers with the best possible products. This commitment to quality and sustainability has not only helped the business gain a competitive edge but also contributed to the growing popularity of her YouTube channel.

Different oils and butters used in soap-making can have varying effects on the skin. By understanding these effects and choosing the right ingredients, Katie has managed to create products that cater to her customers’ needs and preferences. By keeping a detailed list of soap-making purchases, she ensures that her products are made with only the finest ingredients, resulting in soaps that are gentle on the skin and visually appealing.

Ultimately, the focus on quality and sustainability has played a significant role in shaping Royalty Soaps as a brand. By staying true to her commitment to creating exceptional products and prioritizing her customers’ well-being, Katie has managed to build a thriving business and a loyal community of soap enthusiasts.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Soap Makers

Katie Carson’s success with Royalty Soaps has not only boosted her business but also inspired countless others to explore the art of soap making. By offering soap-making tutorials and workshops, she has managed to share her passion and expertise with a wider audience. Katie’s commitment to keep it personal and authentic has played a critical role in her ability to inspire and motivate the next generation of soap makers.

Through her YouTube videos, Katie has been able to share her knowledge and experiences in a way that resonates with aspiring soap makers and YouTubers alike. She consistently demonstrates the importance of creativity, innovation, and attention to detail in her soap-making process, providing valuable insights and tips to her viewers. By showcasing her journey and the lessons she has learned along the way, Katie has become a source of inspiration and guidance for many.

One of the key messages Katie emphasizes for aspiring YouTubers is the importance of perseverance and learning from experiences. She encourages them to stick with their passion, continue to refine their skills, and never give up on their dreams. By sharing her own story of success and the challenges she has faced, Katie has inspired countless others to embark on their own creative journeys and follow their passions, all while keeping it personal and true to themselves.


In conclusion, the success story of Royalty Soaps, founded by Katie Carson, is a testament to the power of YouTube as a platform for creative entrepreneurs. By keeping it personal and authentic, Katie has managed to build a thriving business and a loyal community of soap enthusiasts. Her journey highlights the importance of adapting to new marketing strategies, such as AI-powered solutions like Mercuri, to enhance customer engagement, support, and sales.

As Royalty Soaps continues to grow, the potential for further success through innovative approaches and customer-centric business models is evident. Katie’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to harness the power of social media and online platforms to showcase their talents, build a loyal following, and ultimately, achieve their dreams.

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